Friday, 29 October 2010

Rosie Jones and The Mystery Machine - Greatest Hits (Got, Got Need Records)

Rosie Jones possesses a voice which is instantly likeable and I find it hard to believe her Greatest Hits only totals three, but that’s how many are available on the download of that name through Got Got Need Records.

All three tracks offer something beautiful in a different way and move perfectly together as a three track. Opener ‘No one but me’ offers textbook folk fronted by soulful vocals making every lyric instantly relatable. This effortlessly moves into ‘Roll on’ which starts with an almost gospel element before taking on an honest folk sound, once more focusing on soulful vocals. ‘Tennessee’ is a perfect conclusion and honest lyrics are tinged with humor, again the vocals create a relationship with the track.

Rosie deserves to take a place amongst the new folk scene alongside the Laura Marlings and Mumford and Sons. It’s awesome to hear a folk influence taken and molded into something individual. If I were to make comparisons I would recommend this to anyone who likes Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Boat To Row, Midnight Mile or Laura Marling, and anyone who enjoys folk or acoustic music of any kind.

These three tracks are enough to make me want to hear much more from Rosie and her Mystery Machine.

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