Sunday, 24 October 2010

Random Hand, Detached and Liam O’Kane @ The Flapper Birmingham Monday 18th October 2010

It was Birmingham’s turn to host Random Hand and enjoy their first taste of Thirsty & Miserable’s unique style of promotion. Considering it was a cold Monday night in the middle of October the turn out was very impressive and the room was filled with the right kind of people who watched every act intently and showed appreciation with some deafening cheers.

As Liam O’Kane took the stage to begin the night he began to play to an empty room but before the first song was over he had attracted the audience away from the smoking area and the bar. Liam’s solo performance was balanced equally between songs from both Jimmy The Squirrel (the band he sings for) records and his two solo full lengths. The stylish and individual way acoustic music is approached makes for a perfect warm up act and gently prepared the audience for the next two acts. It is impossible to discuss Liam O’Kane without mentioning how good his voice is live, his level of passion and vocal range are outstanding.

After the gentle warm the audience were ready for something louder and Detached certainly took this feeling and ran with it. The intense brand of skacore delivered by these Welsh youngsters is equal in passion and musical skill with the perfect balance between intense guitars and complex brass lines. Although Detached are a young band, with only one EP release to their name so far, the potential the band have is limitless, snappy song writing and the aforementioned musical skill combine to create a fantastic live performance.

After such great performances from the support acts the audience were more than ready for Random Hand to take the stage. As they tore through their hour long set there was no opportunity to notice time pass as the perplexed audience watched every song grow in intensity. Before long the passion and energy coming from the stage transferred into the audience who danced for at least two thirds of the set and encouraged more and more people to get involved.

As you would expect from a band of Random Hand’s quality and reputation their live set was tight and accomplished. Words cannot do justice to the passion and intensity all four put into a live show, it is a sight that has to be seen to be fully understood. The balanced set included tracks from ‘Seething Is Believing’ which is soon to be released, and with tracks from the two previous releases including the ever popular ‘Anger Management’ and ‘Scum Triumphant’. The connection between band and audience created a perfect atmosphere.

My only regret throughout the show was that every act didn’t play for longer as they were all so good. These are another three bands you need in your life; go and watch them play live for the full experience but if not buy a record or get on Myspace/Spotify/Last Fm.

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