Monday, 20 September 2010

Underground Festival – Gloucester Guildhall 25th and 26th September 2010

This weekend sees one of the two festivals in Gloucestershire, which will become the playlist to the transfer between summer and Autumn for me this year Gloucester’s Underground Festival (The other being Walk The Line in a few weeks).

It has been a while since I have seen something in the listings for The Guildhall which I’ve been really excited about but Underground was a concrete plan as soon as I heard about the idea and much like Off The Cuff at The Flapper in Birmingham this line up becomes more amazing every week as every band increases in popularity.

The £25 weekend ticket price is a snip considering the incredible line up with Chapel Club and Egyptian Hip-Hop headlining the main stage on Saturday you have two bands generating column inches throughout the music press and Sunday’s Pulled Apart By Horses and Joy Formidable double header also attracting major press attention you have your value for money right there. Once you throw in November and The Criminal, The Xcerts, Throats, Galops, Run! Walk! And more onto the two day bill for the main stage you have two days of music watch before even considering the other two stages.

The Music Glue stage has a good line up on Saturday with performances from Kid Adrift and Sons and Lovers sure to blow the crowd away during eight and a half hours of fantastic live music. Sunday is when the stage really comes to life for me with Hold Your Horse Is kicking off a jam packed afternoon and guaranteeing to blow any cobwebs left over from Saturdays festivities. Throughout the afternoon Shoes and Socks Off, Tangled Hair, Brontide and Tall Ships top my list of must see acts.

If these two line ups don’t start to make you consider timetabling issues with watching as many great bands as you can there is a third and final stage run by the fantastic Risk and Consequence Magazine which again features a load of amazing live acts. For Saturday my personal highlight is Men Diamler who is one of the greatest performers mixed up in the new folk scene and other highlights include Serfina Steer and Sam Little. Again this stage really gets going on Sunday with one of the first performances from Istartedthefire record’s very own super group Falcons followed by Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun, Joe Summers, TubeLord and the incredible Boat To Row.

I’m genuinely puzzled as to how I will see all the acts I want to see over the weekend and manage to fit in interviews with some of the artists but I will watch as many acts a physically possible. I know one thing though I’m really looking forward to the weekend!

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