Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mike Scott ...and master of none

I am always very excited when Mike Scott releases something new, he is, in my opinion, one of the most important protest singers in the country. ‘…and a master of none’ does not disappoint. This latest EP shows a progression in Mike’s musical style and a general development in his solo music.

From the beautiful vocal balance within the opening track the feel of this EP is very different from previous efforts. The balance in the female vocal and Mike’s trademark snarling is a welcome change and adds an awesome dimension to the track. As the EP progresses there is a more mature feel to both lyrics and vocals, and unlike many artists this maturity has not been balanced out by a lack of passion.

Mike retains his snarling vocals that are delivered with passionate venom and has added a bittersweet element in parts. In many cases I hate covers but when it comes to Mike Scott I know he has very carefully chosen every cover, and chosen something relevant to the record. The version of Neil Diamond's much covered ‘Solitary man’ is delivered with tender emotion and shows a slightly softer side. The bitter vocal on ‘Extra Something’, which was originally recorded by Kevin Seconds, contrasts with the other cover perfectly.

Lyrically Mike continues to write in an honest intelligent fashion and considering the political nature of his lyrics, opinions are surprisingly balanced. I would say this EP is the most mature record Mike Scott has released to date and shows progression from the previous EP’s (which are all most definitely worth listening to) which makes me eager to hear a full length very soon.

You can listen to and download this EP at a price you choose (this can be nothing but should be hundreds) from Disconnect Disconnect Records HERE 

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