Monday, 16 August 2010

Rookie/Error EP Launch @ The Frog and Fiddle

The Frog and Fiddle was the setting for yet another launch party last night starring local post-hardcore heroes Rookie/Error who were celebrating the release of their latest EP Back To The Drawing Board.

The Victory Show kicked the night off with an energetic live performance of their twist on modern hardcore music. The sound they create is made individual with the lack of a bassist whose position is filled by a second guitarist creating driving guitars to back the vocals. Vocally TVS balance passionate shouting with occasional singing into a fascinating live style. Overall the band is not yet the finished article but have a great deal of potential and look likely to create something special as they develop their sound. With a live performance as energetic and eye catching as tonight’s this band would struggle not to impress an audience.

After the audience had been well and truly warmed up by The Victory Show, Stillbust took the stage and continued the hardcore theme in their own unique style. As I have come to expect when watching them live every minute of the set was filled with passionate intensity. There were debuts of new songs, which show a progression from the last EP, filling me with anticipation for their next release. The set ended with a challenge from the band, to audience, to see how many people could be touching the guardrail for the climax of their set.

With the audience whipped into a frenzy and filled with anticipation Rookie/Error took the stage and burst into a frantic live set. The band combined tracks from the new EP with some very interesting new material to create a perfectly balanced set. Once more R/E have a completely different take on hardcore inspired music, which combines post-hardcore with a punk edge and creates an individual style. It would be impossible not to respect the passion delivered from members of the band throughout their live set, which makes the set memorable. When you combine the passion and energy of the live performance with front man Jason’s stage presence, and old school front man style of performance, you have a winning combination.

It’s always great to see a band enjoy a live performance and as the set progressed that’s exactly what seemed to be happening. Between songs the band were humble and extremely grateful to the audience for coming down to celebrate their latest release. The show climaxed with the members of all three bands performing the final song in a chaotic style.

The only question I was left with after the show was when is the next Rookie/Error record coming out?

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