Friday, 23 July 2010

Liam O'Kane - Voice Of The Equal

This is an EP I have been looking forward to getting hold of as Liam O’Kane’s debut album ‘Happy Days Sad Songs’ was one of my favorite records of last year. This EP is the first release on Off Cut Records which is a label founded by Liam earlier this year.

After the forst listen of the EP the first thing I noticed was this EP was a progression on from the first record which although fantastic crept closer to a full band sound this EP is unmistakably a solo recording. The sound Liam has is original and refreshing the acoustic ska/ reggae he plays takes influence from artists such as Babar Luck, Vic Ruggiero and Chris Murray in small parts.

Lyrically the record tackles life, love and politics in a mature clever fashion, with every word being backed up by Liam’s incredible vocal style and unquestionable passion. The powerful vocals add real emphasis to title track ‘Voice Of The Equal’ with a more tender side exposed on ‘In Music Lost’, which tells the stories of musical inspiration throughout Liam’s life.

The mature sound present in both the music and vocals creates an EP that flows nicely between tracks and my only complaint is that it’s only 5 tracks long. If the development continues between this recording and the next at the same level it has previously the next recording from Liam O’Kane will be phenomenal as I would place this EP and the debut album on a must have list.

Over all this record is a mature piece of work from a young artist who deserves to be successful from his solo work as he is one of the most exciting acts around. This EP is perfect for summer and will bring a hint of sunshine even to a rainy day, more importantly you should support the DIY scene in this country and in particular independent record labels such as Off Cut Records.

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