Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Fell In Love With A Girl


I hope you are good! As you might assume from the title I am posting about Valentines Day it may be a bit late but as this blog would have given away what I was giving.

I am wondering if the mix tape has died with the cassette, or if people other than me still make play lists, CD’s etc. for friends, other halves or whoever. I made my girlfriend 2 CD’s full of love songs for Valentines Day thinking that the effort that goes into this process is better than a bunch of roses or some chocolates. I also made a box and artwork for the CD’s saving me from making or buying a card. Fortunately my girlfriend was happy with the gift and could see the effort I went to.

I am just wondering if this is a cheap cop out or a romantic gesture, what’s your opinion? Leave a comment or whatever then we can spark a debate.

I often find that memories are stored in particular bands/songs which give every aspect of my life a separate play list. There are rare occasions where a song sparks a memory which can make you feel emotions so strong the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, below are a few that trigger this for me.

Boy Awaits Return Of The Runaway Girl by Hot Club De Paris

This song reminds me of times I have made mistakes or said the wrong thing and waited for the ‘runaway girl’ to come back and get the problems, I caused, sorted.

P.S You Rock My World by The Eels

This was chosen as a foot note mainly for the title, however the lyrics focus on the moment you realise you are in love. In E’s case this dawns on him at a funeral and makes him realise life is too short to be alone.

61C Days Turn To Night by Justin Sane

The lyrics here remind me of times spent away from my girlfriend whilst she was studying abroad. The description of how different everything feels when you are used to spending all your time together is now comforting as we have overcome the hurdle. I still think it’s important to remember low points to see how far you have come.

Perfect Day by Lou Reed

In a relationship there are a few perfect days that you always remember and choose to look back on. Although I have never enjoyed sangria in the park (or at all to be honest as I can’t stand red wine) I can relate to Lou’s perfect day and any excuse to remember good times is welcome.

Boy by Rueben

Lyrically and musically beautiful, this is one of the 2 Rueben songs that make the hairs on my neck stand up. It represents those times when a partner comforts you in bad times, some of the most beautiful and defining moments in a relationship come when guards are lowered in this way.

Picture Of You by Mr Hudson & The Library

Another song reminding me of separation in my relationship, most people carry a picture of a partner in their wallet. I find it comforting to always have a reminder close to me at all times.

Fell In Love With A Girl by The White Stripes

A musical reflection of falling in love, fast and loud like falling head over heals in love. The speed and length of the song perfectly represents the intensity of falling in love, the simple lyrics also describe the feeling.

Cheers for reading more soon!


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