Monday, 11 April 2011

Top 5's March 2011

OK so again I am mega late but better late than never especially in my aim to not fail a New Years resolution.

Here's some Top Fives for you!

1st March 2011
Top 5 Images from the Thirsty and Miserable in Feb

2nd March 2011
Top 5 Cider choices

Aston Mannor Pear
Koperberg Pear
Rekorerlig Winter Blend
Rekorderlig strawberry
Aston manor Apple

3rd March 2011
Top 5 Records that define Skacore and my teenage years

King Prawn- Got The Thirst?
Adequate Seven – Songs Of Innocence and Experience
Capdwon – Civil Disobedients
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Awful Quiet
Sonic Boom Six – Sounds To Consume

4th March 2011
Top 5 artists who’s influence I don’t understand

Sex Pistols
Blink 182
Stone Roses

5th March 2011
Top 5 Hot Cartoons

Rouge (X-men)
Maid Marion (Disney’s Robin Hood)
Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Lois Griffin (Family Guy)
Nancy (Sin City Comics)

6th March 2011
Top 5 tasks for this month

Write and design zine
Put together more shows
Apply for jobs
Get some uni work done
Save Kic FM

7th March 2011
Top 5 albums that shaped my youth

Alkaline Trio – From Here To Infirmary
At The Drive-In – Relationship Of Command
Adequate 7 – Songs of Innocence and experience
Ben Folds Five
Dandy Warhols – Welcome To the Monkey House

8th March 2011
Top 5 TV shows/DVD’s for the summer

The Walking Dead
Arrested Development
Master Chef
Breaking Bad

9th March 2011
Top 5 upcoming shows

King Blues, Random Hand and Sonic Boom Six
Beans On Toast
..And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and Rival Schools
Static Age
Jim lockey and the Solemn Sun and Zen Elephant

10th March 2011
Top 5 Music Videos

11th March 2011
Top 5 Weekly Habits

Cool Dudes Radio
Peer Group Promos
Top Fives
Mike Davies Radio Show
Six Music whilst cooking

12th March 2011
Top 5 meals to cook for people

Dim Sum
Curry with Nahns from the nahn shop
Pork and Mustard sauce
Home made pasta

13th March 2011
Top 5 ‘great’ films I hate

Top Gun
Dirty Dancing
Dude where’s my car

14th March 2011
Top 5 records for the next few months

Mike Scott – Saturation point
Gunning For Tamar – Deaf Cow Motel
Random Hand – Seething Is Believing
King Blues –Punk and Peotry
Tangled Hair - Apples

15th March 2011
Top 5 interviews on the way

King Blues
Random Hand
Static Age
Beans on Toast

16th March 2011
Top 5 Q & A’s ready to print

Lost On Campus
Oxygen Thief
Chris T-T
Riot Tapes
Pink Mist

17th March 2011
Top 5 interview questions

3 Records, which have changed your life/inspired you
Have you seen Man On Fire?
Who did you last go and watch for fun?
What does the rest of the year have in store for you?
Who would you recommend listening to?

18th March 2011
Top 5 shows which have to be booked soon

Hold Your Horse Is
Shoes and Socks Off
Gunning For Tamar

19th March 2011
Top 5 Rappers who inspire great hip hop

John Barnes
Beans On Toast
Marky Mark
The one from Five

20th March 2011
Top 5 Disney Flops

Little Mermaid
The new one with a frog
Whinny the Pooh

21st March 2011
Top 5 BSM Tees for 5

BSM 2010 Collection
Dad Rocks! Mammoth
Adebisi Shank
BSM 100th Release
Walter Schriefels

22nd March 2011
Top 5 Numbers which should have been retired for Villa in USA style

5 McGrath
7 Taylor
18 Yorke
4 Melberg
8 Draper

23rd March 2011
Top 5 USA teams

Oakland Athletics (Baseball)
Oakland Raiders (NFL)
Chicago Bulls (Basket ball)
San Jose Earthquakes (Football)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Ice Hockey)

24th March 2011
Top 5 Sports Films

Escape to Victory
Space Jam
Mighty Ducks
Green Street

25th March 2011
Top 5 to do’s for the next month

Complete Radio Documentary and written accompaniments
Complete 2500 word Business Plan and Appendices
Complete a folder of work experience crap
Draw Posters
Produce two zines

26th March 2011
Top 5 pet hates about University

People who do nothing for a whole year and still get through
The quality of teaching
Having to switch between college and University
Online learning systems
Having to study at a college full of dick head sixteen year olds

27th March 2011
Top 5 T& M Videos

28th March 2011
Top 5 reasons I hate old people and you should too

They walk too slow
They talk too slow
They drive too slow
They expect respect despite acting like idiots
They often smell of cabbage or piss

29th March 2011
Top 5 shining examples of the acoustic underground

Mike Scott
Ben Childs
Ducking Punches
Beans On Toast

30th March 2011
Top 5 stupid musical genres

Post Grunge
Anything with Nu in it
Post Rock
R & B

31st March 2011
Top 5 Pictures from tonight’s show

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