Monday, 7 March 2011

The Echoes Exes and Whys

From the off it’s not hard to see why this Cheltenham pop punk quartet are so hotly tipped. The combination of emotional pop melodies and driving punkrock guitars create something special.
The band are certainly a pop punk act with the development of the genre in mind, and sound nothing like the late nineties definitions of the genre. There seems to be an influence from the Scandinavian specialty melodic hardcore, particularly throughout the instrumentation, and the vocal peaks and troughs which have served so many bands so well as a formula.

This debut single feels like a statement of intent and shows a band who know their way around a catchy hook and a powerful riff, combining both into an accomplished individual style.

With Cheltenham being such a melting pot of musical talent it will be interesting to hear more from these four gents and see how their sound develops. It would be completely unfair and unbalanced to make a full judgment on one single alone, but if the next one sounds like this I think Cheltenham could have found themselves someone to challenge the 4ft Fingers for their pop punk crown.

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