Monday, 21 September 2009

Club NME presents The Mystery Jets and Myriad Creatures > Magnet Club, Berlin > 11th July 2009

It’s always a strange experience seeing a British band playing abroad as you’re never sure how they'll be received by a foreign audience or how their reputation has traveled. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at Magnet Club practically straight from the plane to find the Mystery Jets taking the stage.

I was even more surprised to hear the new sound that the Mystery Jets have taken on. I had read about the new 80’s inspired sound but had not got round to buying the newest record (Twenty One) and only heard the first single from this album (2 Doors Down). It is very hard to formulate an opinion based on words and a single track but surprise is always a good thing.

The new sound captivated the audience within seconds and did not spit us back out until the introduction to the third song. By which time my worries on the atmosphere had been blown out of the window, the crowd reception would have been welcome at a hometown gig or one of the infamous Eel Island parties that helped to launch the band.

The set list moved effortlessly between tracks from the newest record with only one from ‘Making Dens’ which was a slight disappointment as much like the music press I was very taken by this album. Unfortunately for me the band seem to feel this record was terrible and said when playing the one track from it ‘This one’s from our first album. Does anyone here own it? Poor You!’ The highlight of the set was the single 2 doors down which had the entire crowd dancing and singing along. Overall it was a set from a band that have found the sound that makes them happy, which in turn makes the crowd happy and music and performance sound better.

The night took a slightly strange turn as the Mystery Jets left the stage as the support act then took the stage for their set. Myriad Creatures were a catchy indie five piece playing 3 minute tracks with a chorus you only needed to hear once to sing along to. They played with a great deal of energy and had the crowd onside within seconds. It can’t be too hard to have the crowd onside when the headliner has warmed them up for you.

The night then ended with Club NME’s finest DJ’s playing until 6am, we lasted until about 3am but after a whole day waiting around in the airport bar to fly out it’s not surprising we were drunk and tired. I really enjoyed the Mystery Jets and would recommend finding them in the smallest venue you can.

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